Commission List is Opening May 22nd!

As the 2020 Convention Season has been so disrupted by Covid-19, it’s unlikely that I’ll be attending any shows in the near future. It’s a very disappointing but very understandable situation, and while I can’t change that situation, I can adapt somewhat. I normally only do commissions for conventions as I’m usually drawing comic book pages the bulk of my time, but with the delay in shipping and printing of new books, I have some time to finally do something special. I’m finally doing mailed commissions, one of the most requested things I’m asked to do by fans, but which I have been unable to do for over 5 years.

To help me in this, I’ve asked Jason Schachter at Essential Sequential ( to work as my agent for my commissions. By heading to you’ll see what I’m able to do and what my rates are. Though I’ll still be doing the very popular 9×12 Torso Watercolors that I’ve often sold before conventions for years, there are a lot more options now. I’m offering a cheaper option for the first time with a 9×12 Pen and Ink Torso option and I’m also offering much more involved, larger commission options like the 11×17 Full Figure Watercolor of Wonder Woman shown above. Jason represents a large stable of great talent and has a good reputation in the industry. If you have any questions you can contact him at

I’ll be doing only 10 commissions in total to start, as I am new to this and don’t want to overdo it right away. I’ll complete those pieces quickly over the next few weeks and then look at doing more as time allows. The sign-up goes live at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on May 22nd. I urge you to sign up ASAP at once the signup goes live and not miss your chance.

As an added bonus, I’m experimenting at recording my creating these commissions, with the idea of releasing them as Youtube videos for fans who are interested in seeing a little of how I work. So, you’ll most likely have a video record of your piece being created to go along with the art, and be able to here my various ramblings about the character and how I work. I’ll be posting those links and details of the videos as I work through the process, so follow me on my various Social Media accounts (links above and below) or sign up for my Announcement List (link above) to keep up to date.

5/22/20 – Update, I sold out in 15 minutes, you guys are wonderful! I’ll definitely have to do more right away.