Back from Baltimore, on to New York Comic Con in October!

I had a blast at the Baltimore show last weekend. I saw a lot of fans and signed a lot of stuff. Special thanks to Marc Nathan and his crew of industrious elves for all their hard work. A special shout out to Frank Cho who hosted a dinner Sunday night at his house for about a dozen of us, we were well stuffed by the time the evening wrapped up.

At the show, two artist fans gave me a couple of drawings they had done themselves, just out of the blue, something that always leaves me flabbergasted at the time I get them as I know how much work it is to do art.

I have gotten these types of gifts sometimes before and never remember to properly thank the nice artists who give me such nice things, so I thought I would post them here and say thanks. Either one can send me an email so I can thank them if they see this post. I’ve posted the drawings above, one is from artist Doctor Fantastic and the second was signed by Krol, but his full name escapes me at the moment.

The next show I will be attending is the New York Comic Con from October 11-14 at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. You can learn all about the con at I will be talking more about the show as we get closer to the show date.